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San Anselmo Insights
Things To Do in San Anselmo


  • Go Climb a Mountain: Mt. Tamalpais Guide
  • Running, Walking, Hiking
  • Fitness & Dance
  • Cycling
  • Golfing
  • Yoga

For enthusiasts of running, Pilates, biking, yoga, hiking, dance, or golf, San Anselmo has it all. Our town is also the perfect jumping-off point for exploring the trails and lakes around Mount Tamalpais, a 6,300-acre park. Find out below where to exercise, rent or buy gear, and obtain trail maps.


Go Climb a Mountain

There are many who gaze up at the beautiful rolling hills and valleys of Mount Tamalpais and think, How do I get up there? Where do I begin? This article is for you: the runner, hiker, walker, or cyclist that can't wait to experience some of the most beautiful trails in North America-right in your own backyard.


Mount Tam's interlocking trails and fire roads allow the intrepid traveler to design a loop or point-to-point course from almost any starting place. But there are two perfect entries to the mountain within minutes of downtown San Anselmo.


The first, at Natalie Coffin Greene Park, takes you on an easy, rolling 2.7-mile loop around the picturesque Phoenix Lake. The main fire road also leads to two other trails: Eldridge Grade, which journeys to the top of Mount Tam, roughly five miles away; and Shaver Grade, which leads to two other lakes: Lake Lagunitas and Bon Tempe Lake.


The second, via Deer Park in nearby Fairfax, a five-minute drive from downtown San Anselmo, gives you direct access to Lake Lagunitas and Bon Tempe Lake. This is the birthplace of mountain bikes, which were first tested on these hills. From Deer Park's fire road or single-track trail, you can easily climb to Five Corners, a junction to many other trails.


Now all you need is some time and a good map! Trail maps that show all the interconnecting trails as well as entry and exit points are available in downtown San Anselmo at Fleet Feet Sports ( 649 San Anselmo Ave., 415-258-8190) or Paradigm Cycles ( 702 San Anselmo Ave., 415-454-2949). These shops also offer tips on the best routes based on your interest and skill level. Enjoy-and we'll see you up on the mountain!




Elan Health & Fitness Center, Inc.

230 Greenfield Ave. 415-485-1945, www.elanfitness.com

We are a family-run health and fitness center for women, specializing in Pilates mat, yoga, aerobics, body pump, and resistance training. We also provide massage and spa services, personal training, and diet and weight-loss programs.


Stapleton School of the Performing Arts

118 Greenfield Ave., 415-454-5759, www.stapletonschool.org

Founded in 1989 by Virginia Stapleton, the school provides both an introduction to and continuing instruction in an array of performing arts disciplines, including classical ballet for youth through adults, and semi-professional, modern, jazz, hip-hop, and European character.




Elan Health & Fitness Center, Inc.

230 Greenfield Avenue, 415-485-1945, www.elanfitness.com

Elan's offers members and drop-in guests an extensive yoga program with a variety of styles and teachers. Classes, throughout the day and on the weekend, include postures, breath work, meditation, and relaxation practice. Stretch, strengthen, tone, firm and energize your body, mind and spirit. Activity


Synergy+ Physical Therapy & Pilates Studio

Zeina & Tiziano Grifoni, 500 Tamal Plaza, Ste. 507, Corte Madera 415-924-2228,
tiziano@synergyptpilates.com, www.synergyptpilates.com

Nestled among the hills of glorious Mount Tam in downtown San Anselmo, Synergy's mission is to help the community become healthier and live happier lives. They help people improve the way their bodies work, feel and move, and by delivering "perfect" posture, improved physical health, and overall wellness of the individual. Synergy+ provides a distinctive combination of physical therapy and Pilates. Zeina Grifoni is a licensed physical therapist and certified Pilates instructor.






Planning a visit to San Anselmo with the kids? Need a rainy day-or any day-activity? San Anselmo offers families and children of all ages plenty to do. Here are our top ten picks for family-friendly activities in San Anselmo:


1. Blast to the past at the San Anselmo Historical Museum

110 Tunstead Ave., in Town Hall, 415-258-4659.

What did San Anselmo look like 100 years ago? Where did the Miwok Indians live? How did the railroad put San Anselmo on the map? Find out the answers to these questions and more at this museum. Check out the Children's Corner, with San Anselmo-themed coloring books.


2. Conquer a castle and pet a dinosaur at Millennium Playground

From Sir Francis Drake Blvd., turn east on San Francisco Blvd., then right on Veterans Pl. to access the parking lot.

Hands down the best children's playground in Marin, Millennium Playground has lots to tempt any youngster: ceramic animal fountains, a large climbable castle, a dinosaur, and a separate tot play area.


3. Read a page-turner at the San Anselmo Carnegie Library

110 Tunstead Ave., 415- 258-4656.

Older kids can check out books while tots three and younger join Book Babies, a story-and-song program on Mondays at 10 a.m. (call to confirm dates). The library also offers a summer reading program and children's holiday programs. And don't forget to hop on our town mascot, Sugarfoot, the deer on Town Hall's lawn. Just watch the antlers!


4. Get lost in a maze of garden paths at Robson-Harrington Park

237 Crescent Rd. at Raymond Ave., 415-258-4640

Play hide-and-seek in the elaborate garden, have a picnic, then check out the estate's wall (built using brick rubble from the 1906 earthquake) and Victorian mansion. Visit the two palm trees on the upper grounds to see if you can spy a sleeping owl in the branches above. And for the truly adventurous, tear apart the owl pellets found at the base of the trees to look for rodent bones!


5. Lick a scoop at Marin Coffee Roasters and splash in Creek Park

Marin Coffee Roasters: 546 San Anselmo Ave., 415-258-9549

Creek Park: Adjacent to the corner of Center and Sir Francis Drake Blvds.

Step into Marin Coffee Roasters for a hot cocoa, a quick bite, and a scoop of organic Three Twins ice cream. Then follow the path adjacent to the café across the bridge to Creek Park, and descend the creek-side stairs to search for fish and fauna. During the summertime Film Night in Creek Park (www.filmnight.org), bring a picnic dinner and watch movies under the stars.


6. Hike a trail at Sorich Ranch Park

End of San Francisco Blvd.

Enjoy a picnic lunch, then race your kids to the trails and walk along the lovely ridge between San Anselmo and San Rafael. Keep an eye out for hawks, deer, and other critters.


7.  Imagination Park
535 San Anselmo Avenue

(415) 454-2510
San Anselmo's downtown gathering place with life-size, bronze statues of Yoda and Indiana Jones, displayed in a beautiful fountain just waiting for you and your camera.


8.  San Anselmo History Museum

110 Tunstead Avenue

(415) 258-4659


The San Anselmo Historical Museum houses an ever-expanding collection of photos and memorabilia highlighting our Town's history. The Museum offers historical records of the Town's notable people, neighborhoods, businesses, celebrations and events. A Timeline traces the history of the area, from the days of the Coast Miwok to the founding of San Francisco Theological Seminary and the glory days of the railroad - the industry that put our town on the map. Special displays of local historical interest are on view on a rotating basis. Photographs are regularly on display, with copies available for purchase. Videos and oral histories are also available for viewing at the Museum. The Museum offers a Children's Corner with crayons and San Anselmo-themed coloring books.