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May 31, 2011

Ron McGarry Painting

As a self-taught, self-employed painter for 18 years and a landlord for 32 years I can actually do much more than my contractor's license dictates. In New Jersey I maintained relationships with real estate agents who often needed my help restoring apartments in a timely manner. Often this included more than just painting-jobs like replacing doors, moldings, cabinet parts, wall and floor tiles, and window glass; minor plumbing repairs; ceiling replacements; repairing drywall holes; minor roof repairs; rain gutter cleaning and repair; minor masonry and brickwork; and furniture refinishing and repairing. Twice I actually replaced whole kitchens. I've also been called in to work on homes after they've been badly damaged due to fire, vandalism, bad tenants and more. I'm a recent widower, cancer survivor, and ex-real estate agent (among other careers) with many stories to tell. Now, I've relocated to California and anticipate a long and happy life in San Anselmo.

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